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To be included in this year’s school directory, 

you MUST enter your directory information below!

By entering your information, you are agreeing to be published in the school’s directory.If you do not submit your information via one of these methods by September 19th, 2015, your child's contact information will not be included in the directory. Purchasing a directory doe NOT automatically submit your information into this year's directory.

Note: that the directory is only available to our student body and their families. All information submitted online will be published in the directory and submitted to the school to update your records.

Directories should be delivered around the end of October. 

IF YOU ENTER A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (email address #1), you will receive a confirmation. KEEP THIS FOR YOUR RECORDS. If you do not get one, then your information was NOT submitted and will not be in the directory.

Questions: contact directory@ohepta.org