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What the OHE PTA does...

What is the OHE PTA?
The Oak Hill Elementary Parent Teacher Association (OHE PTA) is comprised of a group of dedicated parents who work in conjunction with the school administration and faculty to develop enrichment opportunities to make every child’s potential a reality.

Who is the OHE PTA?
The OHE PTA is you, me, the teachers, the staff and the community. Together we can make a difference.

What we do?
The OHE PTA enriches the student’s life and builds a sense of community for all of the OHE Eagles. In addition, we provide financial support to OHE through many avenues. This year the OHE PTA has provided:

  • $4,440 to support effective reading and literacy education
  • $735 paid for children to participate in the Regional Science Fair and all costs associate with the local science fair
  • $1,139 paid for 3 additional student programs
  • $228 paid for prizes and costs related to Reflections, a national art education program
  • $3,895 purchase the Social Studies Alive curriculum for the 5th grade
  • $230 purchased supplies for an after school learning garden
  • $153 purchased a hot plate for science in the classrooms
  • $600 purchased 2 sensory desks for special needs students
  • $5,100 purchased document cameras for the classrooms
  • $2,040 to foster access to and understanding of technology
  • $3,500 paid for the lease on an extra copier for the school
  • $326 purchased paint to improve interior of school
  • $1,397 Improved and developed the garden in the front of the school to improve the outward appearance of the school
  • $400 created a flagstone walk in front of the school
  • $150 purchased bar code scanner for Raptorware, the school security sign-in/out program
  • $90 purchased soccer nets
  • $584 purchased portable radios to assist administration and staff
  • $378 purchased gymnasium mats for P.E.
  • $728 purchased wireless microphone for assemblies
  • $469 purchased a heavy duty projector for assemblies
  • $285 purchased a portable whiteboard
  • $52 purchased Blood Pressure Monitor and WT scale for nurse
  • $1,185 provided reimbursement for additional supplies purchased by special area teachers
  • $1,719 provided reimbursement for additional supplies purchased by grade level teachers
  • $4,425 provided $750 to each grade level to purchase supplies to benefit the children in their grade
  • $917 purchased books for the OHE library
  • $3,245 provided reimbursement for time spent by teachers in training
  • $1,693 provided lunches and snacks for the faculty and staff to show our appreciation of their services
  • $1,000 purchased Committee for Children a bullying prevention and social development resource
  • $61 purchased supplies for teacher workroom
  • $200 purchased supplies for CATCH - a program to support physical activity and healthy food choices
  • $231 purchased supplies for 5th grade graduation
  • $380 purchased supplies and decorations for various OHE community welcoming events
  • $263 purchased reflective vests to be worn by student assisting with morning drop off
  • $1,500 provided college scholarships to past OHE students
  • $1,044 purchased PTA administration items, including website, email system, taxes, PTA insurance & other related costs
  • $35 purchased supplies for the room parent committee
  • $10,000 PTA reserved funds for rainy day

  • Provide volunteers for weekly reading programs to help struggling readers
  • Provide Reading Programs for students throughout the year including the summer
  • Provide student programs to enhance children’s cultural and educational levels
  • Assist with school-wide Science Fair
  • Provide free parent seminars on interesting topics, such as, bullying, how to help with homework, Internet safety, etc.
  • Support for programs including Lego Robotics, Green Apple Club, Student Council

  • The OHE PTA raises money to pay for programs and provide financial assistance to our school to cover resources that are not covered by the district by
  • Promoting School Spirit by selling OHE gear
  • Collecting Box Tops
  • Collecting & Recycling ink Cartridges
  • Administering a No Hassle Fundraiser instead of sending kids door-to-door for direct sales
  • Teaming up with businesses in the community to provide spirit nights & events for OHE families with financial benefits going to the PTA
  • Working with local businesses to become OHE partners & support our school
  • Holding a spring carnival for the OHE community
  • Writing grants

  • The OHE PTA works within the guidelines of the Texas PTA by:
  • Monitoring & reporting happenings in the legislature effecting education
  • Writing & overseeing implementation of a PTA strategic plan to guide the PTA to make the best use of limited time, resources, and volunteers
  • Providing representation at the Campus Advisory Council (CAC) to promote excellence in education for all students through broad-based representation.
  • Providing volunteers for the Austin Council of PTAs , district-wide organization of PTA leadership, which consists of representation throughout the district

  • The OHE PTA believes that having a sense of belonging helps students foster a sense of pride in their school. The OHE PTA builds community by:
  • Hosting free Family Fun Nights for OHE students & their families including events like Movie Night, Music Night, Reading Night, Ice Cream Social, C.A.T.C.H Family Fun Run
  • Continuously improving the grounds & facilities
  • Gathering & organizing photos during the year for the school Yearbook
  • Planning activities for faculty throughout the year including lunches & snacks for faculty meetings.
  • Providing bundled school supplies at cost
  • Designating a time, called Workshop, each week to help make copies, bind, & laminate items for teachers
  • Providing scholarships to graduating high school seniors that attended OHE
  • Maintaining a welcoming committee that provides information to prospective parents and parents new to OHE, including Kindergarten
  • Investigating recycling opportunities at OHE