Project Funding Committee

What is the Project Funding Committee (PFC)?

The OHE PTA Project Funding Committee (formerly known as Projects and Goals) determines how to spend PTA money not already allocated in the budget. Our goal is to ensure that the funds are properly spent on items that benefit our school. We work with the Strategic Planning team, Campus Area Council (CAC), and various parent & faculty representatives to make sure that expenses benefit the students and faculty at OHE. 

Requests for funds from the OHE PTA can be made by faculty, parents and community members. Items are then reviewed and approved if they fulfill the committee checklist criteria. PFC CHECKLIST - all submissions will be reviewed by the committee using this checklist so that all requests are treated fairly. Please note, it is not the function of this committee to do any research about the item being requested. All information will need to be provided before a request will be considered.

To Apply to Serve on this Committee, please click here.

To Request Funds or to Change an Existing Budget Line Item:
To request funds from the OHE PTA (PFC Budget), please click here. Please note that only completed applications will be considered. The PFC committee will meet during the school year and will review requests at an upcoming meeting.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Please submit all requests by the first Friday of the month.

OHE PTA Project Funding Committee:
  • The PFC committee consists of the following members: 
  • PFC chairperson: Joan Dominguez/Chris Reynolds
  • Principal: Mrs. Komassa 
  • PTA president: Beth Thornton
  • PTA treasurer: Sam Dominguez
  • Strategic Planning Committee Representative - determined by the Strategic Planning Committee: 
  • CAC representative - 
  • Grants Representative: Beth Thornton 
  • Parent representative from Kinder - selected by lottery – 
  • Parent representative from 1st grade - selected by lottery – 
  • Parent representative from 2nd - selected by lottery –  
  • Parent representative from 3rd - selected by lottery – 
  • Parent representative from 4th - selected by lottery –  
  • Principal's appointed person -
  • Faculty representative: 
  • Faculty representative: 
The requirements for being a committee member for PFC are as follows:
  • must be a PTA member (paid your annual membership) 
  • must be present at a minimum of 5 of the 7 scheduled meetings 
  • must have a child currently enrolled in OHE K-5th grade or be a current member of the OHE faculty/staff
  • must be able to represent the entire school population and not just your child 
If you have any questions, please contact