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  1. Submit date to be added to the calendar (link is also on home page): Request for a date to be added to the calendar
  2. Search Archives for previous flyers, if applicable (or create your own)
  3. Get flyers translated to Spanish; send to
  4. Send both English and Spanish electronic copies to the principal and PTA President for approval
  5. Make X # of copies (1 per student plus 1 per teacher) in the workroom using the class list breakdown listed on the bulletin board in the workroom. This list changes very frequently so use the one on the board.
  6. Distribute flyer to teacher's mailboxes in teacher's lounge
  7. Send electronic copy to AND (for archiving)
  8. Search Past Eagle Eyes for previous submissions about your event.
  9. Write up your article and submit to the eagle eye (link on home page): Submit to the eagle eye
  10. Need Volunteers? Create a signup sheet (or copy an existing one) at Use the login email of and password goeagles so that all of our signups are listed together. 
  11. After your event (or if something cool is happening at your event) and we want to tell all of Austin, please submit to our Publicity committeeSubmit for publicity (e.g. grants won, OWOS had X number of cultures represented, OHE wins awards, etc)
Eagle Eye deadline for submission is Friday midnight.

                          PTA ORG CHART

Visit our archives to see information about your committee. You will be able to download all files there and edit them to your liking, if possible. PLEASE SEND all of your files for your committee that should be saved/archived for future use to


Your committee may have volunteers. Look for your committee at the bottom of this spreadsheet and contact all your helpers! Make them feel welcome and show them the ropes!

A plan of work is an overview of your committee's work this year. Make it as simple or as detailed as you'd like. It can help keep you organized, and also help your successor know where to begin when s/he takes over! Please see the Plan of Works currently in the archives and edit one for your committee/position for this year. If one does not exist, please create one from the template. Plan of Works can be found here.

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